Let us flip: Space Shuttle

October 20, 2014

spaceshuttleEverybody loves pinball machines from the 90ies onwards. Tables like “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Twilight Zone”, “Lord of the Rings”, “The Addams Family” or “Medieval Madness” are much sought-after because of their complex features, their deep ruleset and the many ways of how to play them. So it makes sense that people favor those tables over older machines and want to own the popular pins instead of weird old rarities where you sometimes can’t even get proper spare parts anymore. But one shouldn’t underestimate the solid gameplay that you can get out of an early electronics machine or well serviced pinball tables from the 80ies.

In this first part of a video tutorial series – a collaboration between Austrian pinball association Flipper SV and The Ball is Wild, shot and produced by Benjamin Ruso – we will take on a classic from the mid-80ies that gave pinball a serious boost when it was in much trouble because of the big videogame and arcade crash in 1983.

Apart from the eye-catching big toy in the middle, “Space Shuttle” is built out of classic pinball targets, but presents them in a very balanced way. The targets are placed so that a fluid gameplay is guaranteed. Also, the left and right lanes to lock the balls are easily accessable so that experts as well as novice players can achieve a multiball quickly. Enjoy, and don’t forget to rotate your screen to upright mode. This way, you can watch the video in all it’s intended full screen glory.



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One comment on “Let us flip: Space Shuttle

  1. Bernhard Oct 26, 2014

    Thanks for the great video.