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7. October 2014

Modern pinball as a hybrid between a mechanical and an electronic game is exceptional. Controlling a silver ball within a confined space, inside a small, coherent little world and telling a story with it, is great and inspiring.

The last couple of years brought so much passion and talent into the international pinball community that ten years ago nobody would have believed the diversity of it. Professional pinball became a thing, tournaments all over the world take place regularly, boutique manufacturers popped up and proved that a solid pinball machine can indeed be designed and created outside of dedicated factories. Also, video pinball came a long way until its modest beginnings in the early 80-ies.

The pinball world is accompanied by online forums, blogs and also printed magazines. There are video tutorials and podcasts, mostly featuring games, rules, playing techniques, bio and gossip about classic and contemporary pro players. With all that being a great output, this blog tries to be a little different. Without underestimating the importance of technical aspects: Here at The Ball is Wild, we want to perceive pinball as a cultural artifact. We want to talk about the joy of play and the little details about what makes pinball so unique. Of course, it’s also about the community, about the games, about why we care so much about the little balls inside these magnificent machines.

We hope you will enjoy our little journal of contemporary pinball culture in all its variety as much as we will. Welcome, pull the plunger and enjoy the wild ball!

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